Beijing International Ballet and Choreography Competition

Quession:Hi I was looking into this competition and I was wondering for the modern pas what exactly you would be looking for? I was wondering if it can be a neoclassical/contemporary piece on pointe for girls or if you are looking more for a Martha Graham very modern type piece. Thank you.Time: 02-04 09:50
Answer:Thanks for your interest on our competition. There is NO restriction for choreography competition.Please visit our website( for more details.
Quession:Dear Sir, Dear Madam, I would like to know where can I find the Application Form for Choreography Competition for 2013 please? It seems that the version on the webpage is not actual. I thank you in advance for your reply. Sincerely yours, Stéphen DelattreTime: 11-13 20:17
Answer:Please visit the homepage of our website ( and click the button "Apply Now" to start the application for both classical and choreography competition. You may need to register in our website and sign in to start.
Quession: Ni Hao!!! My name is Mojca Majcen, i found my name on the selected competitors list. Administration of my dance group contacted you by email but there was no respond from you. We have several questions according to your regulations and flights to Beijing. I would like to ask you if you can respond it quickly. You received an email from Dance Theatre IGEN. Best regards and many kisses from SLOVENIA, Mojca MajcenTime: 05-09 17:23
Answer:We have tried to contact you via email several times but failed. And we're afraid that we didn't receive the letter from your theatre. Please give us your personal email address. And our email address is Thank you!
Quession:When applying to compete as a couple, can you send both applications together with one fee? Time: 03-29 03:49
Answer:Thanks for your question.
As a coulpe to apply the competition,both of you should pay application fee separately
Quession:Can you still compete as a couple if you send in a Soloist DVD? Time: 03-28 06:07
Answer:Thanks for your question.
you can send the video as soloist, when you fill up the application form,please to register as a couple competitor
Quession:Must the application arrive in Beijing by March 31st? Or must the post mark date be March 31st? Thank you for the clarification! Time: 03-15 03:41
Answer:Thank you for your question. The post mark date of the application form should be March 31st.
Quession:Does a couple have to appear together in the audition video for the application? Or can they appear in separate videos and still compete as a couple? Time: 02-16 13:37
Answer:Thanks for your question
Yes, you can make separate videos for the application, when you fill up the registration form you have to register as a couple.
Quession: Dear sir\madam, Id like to ask question about choreography competiton. 1-How many pieces do i need to join the choreography competition, 2-How many pieces do you want to see on your video? Sincerely, Ö.Kınıklı Time: 02-16 04:38
Answer:Thanks for your email.
Please send one piece in DVD for the preliminary selection.
Competition in Beijing with another two different pieces:  One for the first round,the other one for the second round.
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