(5th)Beijing International Ballet and Choreography Competition (IBCC)

Regulation(s) of Choreography Competition
July 13th –July 19th ,2019



1.     18 - 40 years old dancers or choreographers (referring to candidates born from July 1st , 1979 to June 30th , 2001).

2.     The candidate’s piece can be a solo dance, a pas de deux or a pas de trios.

3.     The candidate’s piece can be a ballet or contemporary piece created in various forms.

4.     Jury for Preliminary Selection will select applicants based on their application forms and videos, in order for them to participate in the competition in Beijing. Decisions of the jury will be final and without appeal.



1.     IBCC only accepts DVD or digital video files (preferred).

2.     If applicants choose to submit videos in DVD form, the following information must be clearly written on the labels or cases of the DVDs - 
Name of applicant, Title of program, Date of recording.

3.     In the spirit of fair play, IBCC will NOT reveal names of applicants and dates of recording under any circumstances.

4.     Please check the quality of both the video and the sound before submitting.

5.     The video must show the full body throughout, without zooms or changes of angles or other special adjustments.

6.     Applicants must wear practice clothes in a color that is in contrast to the background.

7.     Videos of live performances will not be accepted.

8.     Tripods are recommended during shooting for stable images.

9.     IBCC does not accept videos with video and audio feeds separately recorded and later mixed, so as to avoid inconsistency between images and sounds.

10.  No voices of teachers are allowed in the recording.

11.  Turning the camera to the window while shooting during the day must be avoided.

12.  Poor lighting condition must be avoided.

13.  Do not write any price of the DVD on the envelope, otherwise IBCC has to pay tax at Chinese Customs. In such cases, IBCC will charge the applicants for the above-mentioned tax fees.

14.  Videos must contain the performance of the applicant himself or herself. Any forgery or performance by another person will immediately lead to the applicant’s disqualification, as soon as such behaviors are found out by the jury.

15.  DVDs will NOT be returned to applicants.


The application period is January 15 ,2019 through March 31, 2019 (31 is included). Late applications and applications with missing files will not be accepted by IBCC. The results of Preliminary Selection will be announced at IBCC’s website and sent to participants by email on April 30, 2019.


IBCC consists of two phases:
Phase I: Preliminary Selection (based on videos)
Phase II: Semi-final and final rounds in Beijing


Phase I: Preliminary Selection 
Every candidate must provide a video of his or her creation, either created for this competition or created and premiered after June 30th, 2016. Solo dance should be within 4 minutes. Pas de deux or pas de trios should be within 6 minutes.


Phase II: Competition in Beijing with two rounds 

1.     Every candidate must present a piece, either created for this competition or created and premiered after June 30th, 2016. Solo dance should be within 4 minutes. Pas de deux or pas de trois should be within 6 minutes.



1.     Each candidate needs to create the piece with the theme and music provided by IBCC. The theme, music and length will be released by IBCC after the preliminary selection. Candidates who need to present or perform any of these choreographies anywhere other than IBCC need to get the permission from IBCC.

2.     Candidates can participate in their own choreography, or choose to invite other dancers to perform for them.

(Programs for every round should be different.)



·         CANDIDATES

1.     The order of appearance on stage will be determined by age of the candidates(from youngest to oldest). Candidates must accept and follow the order.

2.     IBCC will provide a daily training class for all candidates and their assisting dancers.

3.     If a candidate wins any award, his or her assisting dancers must continue to appear with him or her in the Awards Gala.

4.     Candidates must furnish/prepare their own costumes and make-up.

5.     No tinder, water, rosin or salt are allowed for use on stage. Performances in nude or body painting are also prohibited.

6.     All competition performances are held in front of a public audience/to public.



1.     Candidates must furnish their own musical material with theatrical acoustic standards.

2.     Candidates who have passed the Preliminary Selection for the competition in Beijing must submit a copy of their music in USB drive or two CDs to IBCC during registration upon arrival in Beijing.

3.     Candidates must deal with copyright issues for their music and choreography. IBCC will not be held responsible for any copyright disputes over music or choreography. Candidates must compensate for damages to IBCC caused by copyright issues, if there is any.

4.     Candidates’ names, program titles, lengths of the pieces and the order in which to play them must be noted in English on the label of the music material.

5.     All candidates must prepare one copy of all music materials for their rehearsals.


·         SCORING

1.     Jury of IBCC consists of distinguished artists from the international dance community. List of the Jury will be published prior to the competition.

2.     Jurors from different countries will give scores to candidates based on the code of fair play.

3.     Based on a 10-point system, each juror will vote individually for each candidate after each round. The highest score and the lowest score for each candidate will be deleted during calculation.

4.     Jury will judge each candidate generally based on their creativity in the program, interpretation of the music, and techniques of choreography.

5.     In no circumstances shall a juror reveal the result of a jury discussion to any candidate or teacher during the competition.

6.     The jury reserves the right to withhold any award or to divide an award between more than one competitor, based on the results of the competition.

7.     Decisions of the jury will be final and without appeal.





·         AWARDS GALA

1.     Award winning candidates and their assisting dancers must appear in the Closing Ceremony performance. If a candidate or one of his or her assisting dancers is unable to perform due to personal reasons, he or she must show a valid statement accepted by IBCC.

2.     Gala programs of award recipients will be selected, decided and announced by the jury.



1.     IBCC owns exclusive rights to the competition and related activities, including press interviews, audio and video recordings, live broadcasting, reporting, photographs, production and distribution of presswork and audiovisual products created during the competition, opening ceremony and galas. Without written approval of IBCC, none of the above shall be conducted by any person.

2.     IBCC and any third party authorized by IBCC are entitled to arrange for candidates to attend activities like photo sessions, interviews, broadcasting, audio and video recordings.

3.     Candidates consent to IBCC and any third party authorized by IBCC the following rights during the competition and activities described in 2) as above:

A. Live broadcasting and public transmitting
B. Audio and video recording
C. Reproduction and distribution of audiovisual products
D. Transmitting through internet
IBCC warrants that no candidate’s image will be distorted or misused.

4.     Candidates consent to IBCC and any third party authorized by IBCC in using their name, portrait, photos, voices and resumes in the following conditions and on the following products:

A. During introduction, presentation and promotion of the competition and related activities.
B. During production, recording, publishing, promotion and distribution of presswork and audiovisual products of the competition and related activities.

5.     All the above rights mentioned in 3) and 4), which candidates release to IBCC free of any charge, are permanent and cannot be changed or limited by location and time.

6.     In the case that candidates use music, choreography, and stage design copyrighted by any third party, or provide photos and resumes to IBCC which belong to any third party, candidates must obtain a thorough and complete written authorization from the royalty owner, and provide it to IBCC. Candidates guarantee that such authorization will not only grant them the right to use these works during their competition, but also ensure no rights granted to IBCC or any third party authorized by IBCC in 3) and 4) are in violations of rights against the royalty owner. Otherwise, candidates must compensate IBCC for any damage caused by compromising their warrants.

7.     During the competition, candidates must not accept any interview about the competition by any news agency, organization or individual not authorized by IBCC, or release to any third party any information about the competition not publicly announced by IBCC. IBCC reserves the right to disqualify candidates who violate this rule.



  • IBCC will subsidize international candidates’ international transportation according to their distance to Beijing. Candidates from Europe, North, Central and South America, Oceania, and Africa will receive subsidization of 6000 Yuan, while others from Asian countries, regions like Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan of China will receive 2000 Yuan. Candidates from Mainland China other than Beijing will receive subsidization within 1000 Yuan. Subsidization of transportation will be paid to candidates according to Travel Itinerary after their arrival in Beijing. IBCC will not subsidize any accompanying person of the candidater’s travel group.
  • Service at airports: IBCC will arrange volunteers to provide service for international candidates at airports.
  • IBCC provides all candidates free housing in rooms with twin beds from 14:00 (China Standard Time) of July 11 to 12:00 (China Standard Time) of July 20,2019.
  • Candidates must cover their own expenses for requirements other than arrangements provided by IBCC.
  • IBCC will not provide free housing and breakfast to any accompanying person of any candidate. IBCC can be entrusted to arrange housing at designated hotels to accompany persons. Related expenses for travel and accommodation are covered by accompanying persons themselves.
  • Visa: candidates selected to compete in Beijing can apply for Chinese visas at Chinese embassies or consulates within their countries, using the visa document provided by IBCC. Candidates will cover their own visa fees.




Pieces qualified for the final will receive a subsidization of RMB 3000 Yuan by IBCC.



  • The registration preriod is from 10:00 to 15:00 of July 12,2019 .Candidates who arrive before 14:00 of July 11, 2019 must notify IBCC in advance for earlier check-in, and pay extra expenses caused by early arrivals.


·         VENUES: NCPA will provide venues and class facilities as follows:

1.     Competition Stages

ANCPA Multifunction Theatre:
Stage Dimension: 23.5m wide x 12.2m deep
Floor Dimension: 16m wide x 7.1m deep 
Lighting: professional standard; only basic lighting provided.
Sound: professional standard
Technician: professional technicians

NCPA Opera House: 
Stage Dimension: 18.6m wide x 14.00m deep
Floor Dimension: 14.6m wide x 10.0m deep
Lighting: professional standard; only basic lighting provided
Sound: professional standard
Technician: professional technicians

2.     NCPA provides class studios and dressing rooms.

3.     All competitors must enter the premises with a valid security pass provided by NCPA.



1.     IBCC does not take responsibility for any previous injuries, chronic health conditions or stolen properties. Competitors must purchase their own insurances for accidents, disease and personal property.

2.     IBCC will provide doctors and arrange hospitals to treat sudden injuries caused by the competition during service period.

3.     Non-competitors are not allowed to enter the stage and wings area for safety reasons.

4.     No one is allowed to take photos or make video recordings during the competition unless authorized by IBCC.

5.     All competitors must carry a security pass issued by IBCC at all times during the competition.


·         RESOLUTION

1.     Only IBCC organizing committee and jury have rights to make modifications to competition rules.

2.     Decisions of the jury of Preliminary Selection during phase I will be final and without appeal.


·         NOTES

1.     All candidates must agree and follow all contents of this regulation after they sign on their application forms for the competition.

2.     Resolution to any arguments should be based on the Chinese version of this regulation; IBCC holds the right of final interpretation of this regulation.

3.     Any law suit related to this competition must be submitted to Chinese local courts, followed and governed by the Laws of China.